Body Language Basics- Introduction

We all know that the way me move and hold our body is important.

But did you know just how important? Studies show that humans can categorize body movements in fractions upon fractions of a second. This means that when you meet someone, you will have come to certain conclusion about him or her way before a word is spoken. And they, without realizing it, will have come to certain conclusions about you.

The good news is, this might work in your favor. If you communicate friendship, trust and reliability in your body language, you are off to a great start. But the bad news? That it could be working against you just as easily! Body language that communicates threat, danger or aggressiveness will put people on the defense so quickly you won’t have a chance to talk your way out of it.

There are so many things we communicate with our body language, it’s impossible to ever grasp the full extent of it. There are thousands of articles and youtube videos talking about this very subject, and even all that material together only scratches the tiniest surface of how complex our body language truly is.

There are a few things we know for sure though, that form the basic foundation for any discussion on body language. In this mini-series of articles on Body Language, we will attempt to unravel the complexity of body language and learn some techniques that will help us master body language to our advantage.

The goal is, that by the end of this mini-series you will be able to use this most powerful of human communication tools for in any situation and for any goal.

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