Communication Resources

The Tools You Need for Better Communication & Persuasion

Welcome to the Resources section of The Communication Process. Below are a list of tools that we recommend for anyone looking to:

  • Improve their communication skills in work, love and life.
  • Build their persuasion abilities so that they can get people to take action on their ideas.

These are all tools and sources of information we’ve used to get promotions and raises at work, build amazing relationships with our significant others and kids, and allow us to become leaders in our communities.


Never Split the Difference
This is one of the best books I’ve ever read about communication and persuasion. It’s written by an ex-FBI hostage negotiator.

The approach of the book is: When it comes to hostage negotiation, there is no splitting the difference – you can’t get back half a hostage! Instead what’s laid out is a methodology for actually listening to the other person and allowing them to be heard. Once this is complete, you can get people to do almost anything.

A great skill from the book:  Mirroring.

Note: This is not a gimmiky book with “tricks” to get people to do what you want. What’s contined inside is WISDOM on how to effectivly deal with anyone.

Highly recommended.

You can buy the book here.